“The Night’ with Nico, Ox and SMC3

It’s finally happening! Three of my favourite local artists who also happen to be super talented, as well as absolutely lovely guys are coming together in a group show this Friday. Nico, OX and SMC3 have created some amazing walls for all to enjoy around the Inner West and now they are showcasing their different styles in ‘The Night’, an exhibition that opens this Friday, 13 December from 6pm at The Workshop (86 Broadway, Chippendale). This is one not to be missed! Thanks to Nico, OX and SMC3 for taking the time to answer a couple of questions for me despite being busy preparing for the show. See you there!

What’s the inspiration behind your artwork in ‘The Night’ exhibition?
Nico: I have tried to capture the pure essence of my style in the works for this exhibition. No themes, no gimmicks, and no deep, overarching concepts. Just examples of my personal style of “neo-folk-art” in their purest form.
OX: My work is a type based illustration/painting series about advertising and addiction. The speed that we consume images in the internet age and the romance of consuming the things that will ultimately kill us.
I have decided to show some vector design poster prints. Using the same SMC3 imaginary and symbolism, but in a different medium (digital vector).  Very clean and graphic, a complete contrast to a painted wall mural, in size and texture.. this shows the full spectrum of tools and mediums an artist can use to make an image, idea or message.

You have collaborated on some fantastic walls in the Inner West over the last year with each other. What has been your favourite collaboration and why?
Nico: This is a difficult question. I think for me it would have to be the Mary’s wall. I like the location, the scale of the pieces and in particular the wall itself. The wall is very old and rough, with a lot of layers and history. I like the way that the art exists on walls that have their own character.
OX: I would have to say the wall at Mary’s burgers in Newtown was probably one of my favourite walls. Smashed it out in a few hours with very little planning and it all seemed to work together really well. However we have had some good party times over the last year at a few spots that have been rad too.
SMC3: My favourite collab is probably the ‘Mary Street’ wall. Big bold production.. and also the most recent ‘half faces’ on workshop front walls. Stay tuned, we are planning some half/half mashing collabs to form one piece…

Do you have a preferred medium when creating art on the street and in the studio?

Nico: Spray paint of course!
OX: I love spray paint in both areas. I’m focusing more on use of abstract colour balance at the moment and nothing beat the colour and finish you can get out of a tin. Apart from that, I use a mechanical pencil, Posca paint markers and a scalpel in the studio. For the last year or so I moved away from paper to canvas but for this new series I’m back on some high quality paper and it has been really good to work with.
SMC3: All have different vibes. In-studio, in a zone, meditative state with music up super loud. The street is more collaborative and interactive. Chatting to passers by, planning out the wall with other artists. I prefer none over the other…
What creative plans do you have for 2014?
Nico: Hopefully painting lots more walls in the inner west! Other than that way too many to achieve!
OX: Looking to do a lot more illustration based work, play with type a lot more and work on my technical skills to work a bit more commercially with drawing. Walls are going to cop a lot of my paint in various shapes in various places. THE NIGHT has only just begun my friends, you are just going to have to wait and see just how dark 2014 is going to get.
SMC3: Release the next part of ‘smc3′ philosophy in another book part and solo exhibition, and keep painting walls and exhibiting with ‘the night’ collective- ox and nico.

The Night

Nico, OX & SMC3
The Workshop – 86 Broadway Chippendale
Friday 13 December from 6pm

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  1. Alex Sebby says:

    Excellent review! Both of these artists are amazing nice to see them getting some publicity.

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