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Maria Harding – ‘Chasing Rainbows’ Exhibition at Sweets Workshop

Maria Harding - 'Chasing Rainbows' Exhibition at Sweets Workshop
Maria Harding is an artist and graphic designer living in Marrickville. She combines her passion for art, recycling, a love of little ones and their love of life to create colourful, imaginative works that capture magical childhood moments. All paintings are on reclaimed wood – old chairs, tables, fences etc. rescued from roadsides, lovingly restored and given a new lease of life as works of art. Her... 

Sweets Workshop – Pack of Heroes

Sweets Workshop - Pack of Heroes
PACK OF HEROES is a card game that has been developed by local Summer Hill game designer Phil Walker-Harding of Adventureland Games with characters and artwork by Sweets Workshop‘s very own John D-C. An exhibition showcasing the artwork created for the up and coming card game will be on at Sweets Workshop from 18 May-18 June. The official opening is at 2pm, Saturday 18 May. Drop into... 

Interview: with Illustrator Emma Simmons

Interview: with Illustrator Emma Simmons
I first met Emma when I visited Sweets Workshop to see an exhibtion of drawings by Pam French. I fell in love with the store/gallery and all the goodies contained within. I couldn’t resisit buying one of Emma’s beautiful prints and discovered that she was having an exhibition of her work in a couple of weeks time. So of course I had to return, not only because I loved her work but the theme... 

The ’52 Suburbs’ book is on its way

The '52 Suburbs' book is on its way
There can’t be many people left who haven’t heard of Louise Hawson or her 52 Suburbs project. I was so excited to discover that the ’52 Suburbs’ blog has become a book and is due out on May 1! I found out about Louise and her photography adventure in November 2010. She took some gorgeous photographs of several inner west suburbs (Marrickville, Newtown, Alexandria, Summer Hill,... 

Sweets Workshop…sweet, sweet, sweet!!!

Sweets Workshop...sweet, sweet, sweet!!!
I must have driven right past Sweets Workshop in Summer Hill countless times on the way to and from work and never knew it was there. It is a gorgeous little gallery space and store that specialises in illustrations, graphic design and all sorts of wonderful goodies from both Australian and International artist and designers. It wasn’t until last week, when I received an invitation to the Pen... 
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