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LOST – Leichhardt Open Studio Trail

LOST - Leichhardt Open Studio Trail
LOST, Leichhardt Open Studio Trail is here again! It is a great event held in conjunction with Art Month each year in March. Just a couple of weeks ago I had a great time visiting studios around the Inner West which were a part of the Marrickville Open Studio Trail, so I’m expecting this weekend to be just as good! This year, LOST is a two day event and it’s one of the few chances the... 

‘Secret Walls’ Ticket Giveaway!

'Secret Walls' Ticket Giveaway!
Round #4 of Secret Walls is only 2 weeks away! For those who haven’t heard of Secret Walls, it’s a live art battle between two artists. The rules of the battle are simple: the artists have 90 minutes to create their artwork, they can only use black markers and black acrylic paint on a white wall and no pencils or sketches are allowed. The battles are judged by 2 judges, with the crowd making... 

LOST in Leichhardt and Art Month 2012

LOST in Leichhardt and Art Month 2012
Art Month Sydney is here again! March kicks off the third annual contemporary art festival that celebrates the diversity of art in Sydney. Art Month runs from 1 – 25 March 2012, showcasing more than 100 galleries, exhibitions, artist run initiatives and events. Free up your calendar because March is going to be full of tours, performances, art bars and gallery openings. LOST (Leichhardt Open Studio... 

Interview: Street Artist Ears

Interview: Street Artist Ears
We are lucky to be surrounded by so many talented street artists in the Inner West and it was Ears that originally got me completely hooked on street art. So imagine my excitement when he agreed to an interview! I remember being blown away when I drove by a collaborative piece Ears did on Addison Road in Marrickville a couple of years ago. I almost gave myself whiplash as I drove by, I quickly parked... 

Higher Ground Studio

Higher Ground Studio
Bet you didn’t have a better weekend than me! On Friday I managed to buy an original Beastman artwork at the grand opening of the new Colour By Numbers Gallery on Enmore Road. I was also lucky enough to meet Beastman on the night and to say that I was super excited by this would be a dramatic understatement. I tried my best to play it cool so that I didn’t scare him, but I’m not... 

Secret Wars Australia – Houl vs Max Berry

Secret Wars Australia - Houl vs Max Berry
I spent yesterday walking around Newtown taking photos of some great street art and checking out some shops down the southern end of King Street that I hadn’t seen or been in before. I discovered 567 King, which is a store that combines the sale of street fashion, skateboards, art and Ironlak spray paint. I picked up a couple of brochures while I was in there, one advertising ‘Secret Wars Australia’.... 
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