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Sweets Workshop – Pack of Heroes

Sweets Workshop - Pack of Heroes
PACK OF HEROES is a card game that has been developed by local Summer Hill game designer Phil Walker-Harding of Adventureland Games with characters and artwork by Sweets Workshop‘s very own John D-C. An exhibition showcasing the artwork created for the up and coming card game will be on at Sweets Workshop from 18 May-18 June. The official opening is at 2pm, Saturday 18 May. Drop into... 

A Hidden Gem – Sub Station Cafe

A Hidden Gem - Sub Station Cafe
I’ve just discovered that converting an electricity sub station into a cafe is a brilliant idea! Electric Substation 152 in Alexandria has been beautifully renovated, given new life and is now Sub-Station Cafe. I can’t believe that it’s taken me 6 months to discover this hidden gem! The owners have transformed the limited space into a fantastic indoor and outdoor area with a gorgeous... 

‘Secret Walls’ Ticket Giveaway!

'Secret Walls' Ticket Giveaway!
Round #4 of Secret Walls is only 2 weeks away! For those who haven’t heard of Secret Walls, it’s a live art battle between two artists. The rules of the battle are simple: the artists have 90 minutes to create their artwork, they can only use black markers and black acrylic paint on a white wall and no pencils or sketches are allowed. The battles are judged by 2 judges, with the crowd making... 

Inner West Instagram Addict

Inner West Instagram Addict
It’s official, I’m addicted to Instagram. I don’t know how to stop! For those who haven’t heard of Instagram it’s a free photo sharing program which was launched in October 2010. It allows users to take a photo on their phone, apply a digital filter to it, and then share it on a variety of social networking services, including Instagram and Facebook. I love the square... 
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