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Street Art Overload – not possible!

Street Art Overload - not possible!
It has been ages since my last post but I have a good excuse – I have just returned from a trip to South America! A fantastic journey from Rio, Brazil through Uruguay and finishing in Buenos Aires, Argentina. While this blog may not be about the inner west I thought some inner westies out there might want to check out the awesome graffiti I saw on my travels. Talented artists those South Americans! Graffiti... 

Street Art – Love it or Hate it!

Street Art – Love it or Hate it!
Love it or hate it, the inner west wouldn’t be the same street art. Personally I love it. The creative ideas that flow from the minds of many and decorate the lane ways, houses, garage doors and street corners are a constant delight. A splash of colour on a dreary wall offers an insight into another world of fantasy which is painted for everyone to see, share and enjoy. The inner west has loads... 
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