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Marrickville’s Perfect Match Mural Program

Marrickville's Perfect Match Mural Program
Marrickville Council recently launched their Perfect Match Mural Program inviting local property owners to find their “Perfect Match. Council played Cupid by matching property owners with an artists to transform their public wall into an artwork. Head to the Perfect Match sites from 3 – 6 July to meet the artists and see them painting. There will be walking, bike and bus tours of the artworks... 

The Eat Art Truck & Ears in the Inner West

The Eat Art Truck & Ears in the Inner West
Last night The Eat Art  Truck got a facelift right here in the Inner West. Talented local artist Ears, put his unmistakeable characters and style on the side of the truck for all of Sydney to see. The truck was parked opposite the Seymour Centre where a crowd of people watched Ears at work while they got to feast on the Eat Art Truck delights created by former Tetsuyas sous chef Stuart McGill and... 

Interview: Street Artist Ears

Interview: Street Artist Ears
We are lucky to be surrounded by so many talented street artists in the Inner West and it was Ears that originally got me completely hooked on street art. So imagine my excitement when he agreed to an interview! I remember being blown away when I drove by a collaborative piece Ears did on Addison Road in Marrickville a couple of years ago. I almost gave myself whiplash as I drove by, I quickly parked... 

War Paint – Ears Solo Exhibition

War Paint - Ears Solo Exhibition
I have been completely slack with my posts lately, which I completely blame on a long and painful renovation (more on the reno nightmare in blogs to come). But this blog, in particular is way over due. I wrote about an upcoming exhibition by Ears called “War Paint” a while back, the exhibition is long gone but I thought you might still be interested in seeing the artwork he created, in... 

‘Twisted’ by Ears

'Twisted' by Ears
Seriously twisted and seriously mine! This the creative work of Ears. If you want one of his creations for your very own you will have to check out his upcoming solo exhibition. ‘War Paint’ is on exhibition at Lo-Fi Collective, 383 Bourke Street Darlinghurst. Opening this Saturday, 11 September at 6pm. I love his street art, I love his work on canvas, I can’t wait to see this exhibition!... 

Two new artworks for my wall

Two new artworks for my wall
Woohoo! I have two new artworks to put on my already packed walls.  Each time I walk into the the house announcing I have bought a new artwork, I usually just get a shake of the head from my husband followed by “Where are you going to put that? We don’t have any walls left!” While I would love to have street artists paint an internal wall of my house that might have to wait until... 
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