Sydney’s Best Cafes and Coffee

In this July’s Time Out Magazine they listed Sydney’s best cafes and coffee. I was very proud to see that cafes in the inner west were very well represented.

Now I would love to say that I absolutely love coffee and that it is going to be my mission to go to each and every one of these cafes to try out their coffee, but unfortunately I actually hate the stuff. I know, I know… how could I possible hate the golden nectar of the gods… easy! Well, to be fair, hate is a fairly harsh word. While I think coffee tastes like dirt mixed with hot water, I find the smell of coffee absolutely beautiful!

So while I am sure I will be accompanying my sister to each and every one of  these cafes to satisfy her coffee addiction, it definitely won’t be coffee that I will be ordering. But I am sure she will keep you updated on all the best places to visit for a great coffee and I might add my 2 cents worth about hot chocolate or all the fabulous treats that I am sure I will be tempted by.

This is the list of the Time Out Magazines recommendations. But if you know of some other cafe that is worth a mention – let us know.

Baffi & Mo – 94 Redfern Street, Redfern
Mon-Sat (7am-3pm), Sun (7am-2pm)
Coffee – Lavazza

Berkelouw – 70 Norton Street, Leichhardt
Mon-Sun (7.30am-5pm)
Coffee – Giancarlo

Bourke Street Bakery- 74 Gardeners Road, Alexandria
Mon-Fri (7am-4pm), Sat-Sun (8am-3pm)
Coffee – Aroma Felice

Campos Coffee – 193 Missenden Road, Newtown
Mon-Fri (7am-4pm), Sat (8am-5pm)
Coffee – Campos Superior

Cordial Cafe - Shop G8, 130 Carillon Avenue, Camperdown
Coffee – Golden Cobra

Deus Ex Machina - 98 Parramatta Road, Camperdown
Mon-Sat (7.30am-10pm), Sat (9am-3pm)
Coffee – Di Lorenzo

Envy Cafe - 109 Smith Street, Summer Hill
Mon-Fri (6.30am-6pm), Sat (6.30am-5pm), Sun (7am-4pm)
Coffee – Karmee

Fair Trade Coffee Co - 33 Glebe Point Road, Glebe
Mon-Sun (7am-7pm)
Coffee – Sacred Grounds

Flint & Steel - 24 Addison Road, Marrickville
Tue-Sat (8am-3pm)
Coffee – Goodness Gallileo

Luxe Espresso - 195 Missenden Road, Newtown
Mon-Sat (7.30am-4.30pm)
Coffee – Single Origin

Strangers With Candy - 6 Kepos Street, Redfern
Dinner Wed-Sat (6pm-9.30pm), Breakfast & Lunch (9.30am-3.30pm)
Coffee – Coffee From Mars

2042 Cafe & Deli - 403-405 King Street, Newtown
Tue-Sat (7.30am-4pm), Wed-Sat (7.30am-11pm),
Coffee – Danes Organic Caribbean Blend

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2 Responses to " Sydney’s Best Cafes and Coffee "

  1. kylie says:

    Aren’t you the banana bread connoisseur? I am up for this pleasant challenge, I don’t think I have ever had a bad coffee in the inner west…

  2. nadine says:

    banana bread, muffins, cake, hot choc… the list goes on!

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