Spotlight on an Inner West business: Shannon McKinnon of Aisle6ix Industries

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Instagram introduces me to so many great people and places that I would otherwise never see or meet. I have been following the screen printing work Shannon does at Aisle6ix Industries through his Instagram account for years because it always looks so creative and his client base is so varied, including many from the Inner West. Having recently been invited to check out his new studio space at Precint 75 in St Peters, that was an offer that I wasn’t going to pass up. Thanks to Shannon for taking the time to answer my questions and share his love of screen printing. Remember…always hand print!

For those who don’t know about Aisle6ix Industries what does your company do?
Aisle6ix Industries is a screen printing studio and creative space. I work with artists, bands, street wear labels and companies printing predominately printing T-shirts and posters.

Can you briefly explain the process of screen printing?
Screen printing is one of the oldest ways of creating art. Essentially you’re using a screen to hold an image, then forcing ink through the screen to produce an image. It’s one of the foundations of the creative process, it allows you to create artwork that is intricate or bold, the options are limitless.

Who are some of the local clients and artists you have produced work for?
I’m pleased to say that a lot of my clients are from the Inner West; the awesome East Editions, Wheelhaus on Enmore Road, The Grounds and Salts Meat Cheese in Alexandria.

What materials can you screen print onto? How big or small are the projects that you work on?
You can pretty much print on any material as long as you can get it flat. Recently I’ve printed on plywood, however, I predominately print on T-shirts and paper. The projects vary in size and I don’t have a minimum print run so on any given day I might print one piece of fabric or 500 T-shirts.

Does social media have an impact on your business?
Social media plays a big part of my business, especially Instagram. It’s a great way to share the projects I’ve been working on and also to see what other creatives are working on.

You have recently moved your business to St Peters. What do you love about your new location?
My new location has given me some much-needed extra space. St Peters is a great area housing lots of different creative industries, it’s close to my suppliers and the larger workshop lets me take on bigger projects.

What has been your favourite project to work on?
An ongoing project has involved screen printing for East Editions which is a project that Kelly, Eamon and Brad Beastman started. They’ve taken the idea of collaboration to a whole new level working with some of the best artists from across Australia on limited edition pieces that have been customised. The first project I worked with them was printing artwork by the talented We Buy Your Kids onto cushions.

Are there any future plans or projects for ‘Aisle6ix Industries’ that you can share with us?
I’ve got plans for an exhibition, as well as opening an online store for collaborative prints that I’ve printed with friends and artists.

Following the famous quote “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”, why do you love what you do so much?
Every day I learn something new when I’m screen printing which to me means that I’m doing the right thing. It’s also pretty sweet to see something that I’ve printed being worn by someone on the street.

Finish this sentence: I Love the Inner West because….
It’s far enough from the city for it to not to be annoying, has great food, killer coffee and the best artists in the world come here to paint which constantly adds to the community.

Shannon McKinnon
Aisle6ix Industries
Phone: +61 0416 819 405
Instagram – Aisle6ix Industries

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