Spotlight on an Inner West business: If You Build it

A feature about a local Inner West business is long overdue so this blog shines a little spotlight on the digital agency ‘If You Build It’. Located in Enmore this creative agency plan and build brands and websites that are functional, beautiful and engaging.  Thanks to the ‘If You Build It’ team for taking the time to answer these questions.

How did you start If You Build it and how long have you been in the design industry for?
IYBI started life in Surry Hills in 2001, but our director (who hails from the Inner West) moved the office to Enmore in 2005.

What kind of services do you offer?
We’re a digital agency who deal primarity with small to medium businesses. They all seem to have a lot in common too – they’re have great ideas and are determined to make it happen! It’s exciting and rewarding work for us.

Who are some of the companies that you have completed design work for? Do you have Inner West clients?
Many! And many of our favorites are locals. Some of our clients live locally too but have offices elsewhere – like one of the directors of King Street Gallery. Some local legends we’ve worked with recently include Enmore Design Centre, Jodie Mcgregor Flowers, Audrey & Him, Defiance Gallery, Octopus Kids, Fabric, FSE Special Purpose Doors, Cosset Textiles, Harry Simpson Videography, David Knight Photography, Pipe Perfection, Ambo Ars, Pretty In Pink, Yoga You to name a few.

Who makes up the If You Build It team?
Radi Safi, Tammy Moir, Beth Stewart, Louise Farnsworth and Emma Frizzell

Where is your office located?
29 Liberty Street Enmore (look for the black and yellow ‘Web Design’ sign)

What has been your favourite design project at If You Build It? Why?
We love all the projects that push us creatively. Most recently we were recognised for our work on the King Street Gallery web site which made it even more rewarding!

What are some of the challenges you have faced with your business? What advice would you give someone thinking of getting into the design industry?
Hmm….don’t! Just kidding :) It’s becoming more and more important to have a focus and a point of difference. An area where you are better than most. That will be the key to success in the future of small business. That and getting smarter at being found in amongst it all.

Does social media play a role in your business?
It does! Being socially savvy has taken on a whole new meaning as people increasingly engage with their audiences through social platforms. From telling our clients about news and updates through to showing love for the work they are doing, the role social plays just keeps on growing. Keeping it focused and relevant is also very important because we’re obviously all a little over the crap that can fill our inboxes and news feeds.

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With your extensive experience in the design industry, what do you think makes a great company identity or brand?
Intent. We often use the analogy of abstraction in the art world and how a great artist infuses their world view and intent into their work. Pollock is a well known example but there are many great Australian artists such as Tony Tuckson who do this incredibly well. Through diligent research and brainstorming we infuse our brands with that kind of intent to better help position that brand and give it true meaning.

Following the famous quote “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”, why do you love what you do so much?
We value the ‘closed loop’ sustainability that small business brings to the world, and being a part of that and helping businesses carve their niche is an absolute passion to the point of obsession. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Finish this sentence: I Love the Inner West because…. YOU NEVER HAVE TO LEAVE!

Best place for a caffeine hit in the Inner West?
Paper Cup in Stanmore, or Shenkin Kitchen on Enmore Road. We’re lucky to be exactly in the middle of the two.

What/where was the last great meal you ate in the Inner West?
Vegan Pho At Vena’s With A Bottle Of White Wine

What’s the Inner West’s best kept secret?
It’s the street art hiding in plain site. A local business on Enmore Road painted over a Banksy a couple of years ago that was probably worth about $80k.

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