Scooter School, Scootergirl Realises She Is Not A Natural (Part 2)

My head was starting to hurt, this damn helmut is heavier and bulkier than I imagined.

It was break time (thank goodness!) which meant my first helmut removal move. I had pictured this scene in my dreams many, many times.

Hot, skinny, Italian chick in tight, tight, painted on jeans stops in front of a crowded cafe in some quaint Italian piazza where only drop dead gorgeous Italian men are chatting over their morning coffee. All stop talking and turn in unison as hot scooter chick with luminous, rich dark brown, long hair removes her scooter helmut and the locks bounce across her shoulders and rest perfectly midway down her back and over her ample chest. Knowing every male in a 500km radius is watching but acting as though she doesn’t have a clue she alights the scooter and sways into the cafe.

My turn, I tug at the helmut, nothing, so I tug harder taking my earlobe with the helmut, Ouch, expletive, expletive. Then I wait for the hair to bounce… nothing again… I forgot that because we are borrowing the helmuts we have to wear very ugly shower type caps over our hair! So I am standing there with my audience of 4 (3 students and the instructor) in my shower cap while everyone else has removed theirs pronto.

Removing the shower cap I realise that my fringe is stuck to my forehead and won’t budge. Don’t tell me the hot Italian chick doesn’t have a fringe? I’m going to need a whole new hairstyle for this scooter, this is a disaster.

I’m so tired and deflated I get off the scooter (no, it was not an agile enough move to say alight) and I don’t put the stand down properly and just catch the scooter before it crushes my leg.

I still have an hour and half to go! (on day 1 of 2 day course!)

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