Scooter School for Scootergirl (Part 1)

Recently I signed up to learn to ride a Scooter so I could become a real Scootergirl and not just a Razorgirl Scootergirl. What was I thinking, really?

I have never, ever ridden on a motorcycle, well maybe once I was a passenger on a scooter in Thailand but that was too many years ago, like when I was in my early 20’s.

So the reality of getting my scooter licence, well it suddenly hit me on the way to the course, that I know nothing about Scooters, Vespas or motorbikes, like not even how to turn them on.

I have always been a bad student, I suffer from a really short attention span and the course I was signed up for was Monday and Tuesday, 5 till 8.30pm, after a hard days work I had to focus, focus, focus.

So when after an hour of clear, practical instructions on how to operate this machine we were allowed to mount (ok its not a horse but I can’t remember the correct verb) the scooter and turn the engine on which I thought was a bit premature to tell you the truth. I was so not ready.  Of course out of the 4 students I was first up, I had to show our instructor how I could get on the scooter correctly and turn the engine on.

As well as being a mature age, attention deficit student I was suffering from information overload and stage fright. So when I was called up first to demonstrate that I had mastered the mounting and turning the engine on, I forgot half the steps. Our very patient instructor yelled prompts “head check Scootergirl”, I thought what’s with the head, my head’s fine, he yells louder “HEAD CHECK SCOOTERGIRL”, I’m like just because I have a helmet on I’m not deaf, but seriously is my hair not sitting correctly in my helmut?”, then the third exasperated scream “HEAD CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SCOOTERGIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, and I was shocked into remembering I was supposed to look behind me for oncoming traffic before starting the engine. Oh dear, thank goodness you couldn’t see my red face through the helmut! I wanted to quit right then but I let the humiliation continue…

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