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One of those Days!!!

It was a lovely sunny Autumn Sunday and my husband suggested we take a walk and try out the new cafe/restaurant – Bar Nosh on Swanson St, Erskineville. Unfortunately we didn’t realize at this stage that our toddler was just coming down with a fever, and while he is quite well cafe – trained, things are never good when he is sick.

First there was an irrational explosion of tears when we discovered they didn’t have any marshmallows to go with the babycino. The very apologetic waiter offered a “tiny teddy” instead which embarrassingly brought another eruption of tears and wails. But our dear waiter seemed very concerned that he couldn’t please our “bratty” child.

We were already having second thoughts about staying (my husband particularly hates to cause a scene – especially when we had the only child in an otherwise packed room) but we had already ordered, having a choice of the breakfast or lunch menu.

With the babycino finished we quickly ordered a mini chocolate milkshake to keep our boy going until our meals arrived. Within seconds the whole milkshake was all over the floor and table. Oops! However our very attentive waiter was equally quick to arrive with a mop and sponges and swiftly and thoroughly cleared up the mess and dried the table. We felt so bad but our waiter did everything he could to make us feel comfortable. We declined his offer of a new milkshake but eagerly accepted the pen and paper for our boy to draw on (yeah, I know, any decent mother would have crayons and a coloring book in her purse – one day I will remember to do this!!!) We were half way through our meals (I ordered the mushroom risotto, hubby had pasta and the boy had banana bread) when our darling toddler dropped his glass of water sending it shattering all over the floor and under the feet of the lady at the next table. At this point I let out a groan of frustration but my angel waiter placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder and told me to “relax, its Sunday” as he cheerfully got back to mopping – again!

The food was delicious by the way, even though I was having trouble digesting it in our desperation to eat and get out of their before we did any more damage. Simple, fresh and tasty italian style. I only wish I had room to try the tiramisu for dessert. The toasted banana bread sampled off my son’s plate, was the best I’ve had in years, light and obviously fresh, unlike the bricks I’ve been accustomed too in many other eateries. I came back a few days later and ordered a roasted vegetable pizzette which was devine.

The portions are substantial but so tasty its hard to avoid licking the plate clean. There is currently no children’s menu but the staff are willing to adapt menu items and portion sizes. High chairs are available.  Bar Nosh is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Bar Nosh
Phone:  (02) 8021 4317
110 Swanson St, Erskineville NSW 2043

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