Food glorious food – at the Marrickville Organic Food & Farmers Market

The Marrickville Organic Farmers Markets are on every Sunday (9am-2pm) and having never been before I thought it was high time I went. I decided to head off to the markets without any breakfast because I had heard rumours of fabulous steamed pork buns and I didn’t want to waste any precious stomach space on boring weetbix. Many might argue the validity of the steamed pork bun being a sensible breakfast option but I don’t care.

I realised the no breakfast option was clearly a smart choice after a mere 2 minutes at the markets. I don’t think I had walked more than 10m before I made my first exciting food purchase of the day… the Tornado Potato… oh my goodness. I am proud to say the humble potato is one of my favourite items of food, dip it in batter, stick it in a deep fryer, cover it is seasoning and BAM! – I am in food heaven.

Unfortunately in my excitement of the tornado potato I didn’t realize that the famous steamed pork bun store was just next door. Never mind, my hubby was on the case – straight to the front of the line ordering 2 pork buns.

1 tornado potato, 2 pork buns, 1 butterscotch jam freshly steamed muffin, 1 loaf of Brassiere Bread, 1 Neu’s Delicacy pretzel and a serving of spinach and cheese gozleme later, I realized it was almost lunchtime. Hmmmm…why am I surprised by the fact that my jeans are suddenly feeling much tighter?

While I may be focusing on the food I consumed throughout the morning I should mention that there are heaps of great stores at the market. Loads of fresh fruit and veg, free range eggs, cheese and dips, sauces, bread, tarts and desserts and wine not to mention art and craft stalls, fashion, music, books and everything else you would expect from a great market. For all those olive fans out there (of which I am one) you need to check out  Molives hand stuffed olives. These hand stuffed olives looked absolutely delicious and the range is huge – blue cheese, feta, almond, chilli, pesto, garlic, lemon, prosciutto, parmesan and sundried tomato (just to name a few). There was also a jumping castle for the kids and musicians entertaining the crowds as they wandered through the markets on a lazy Sunday morning.

Having not been to the markets before I obviously didn’t pace myself with regard to everything I ate and I instantly regretted that when I came across the Organic Earth Plate which looked absolutely delicious and almost a work of art. Never mind, this just gives me an excuse to visit the markets again next weekend. If you do visit the markets my one piece of advice is wear loose pants!

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