Only 2 days to go…

Despite being busy putting the final touches on her upcoming solo exhibition which opens this Wednesday night, Takie somehow found the time to squeeze in an interview with me. Huge thanks to Takie for letting me check out her studio space and answering my many questions. I hope to see you all on opening night at The Tate Gallery (345 Glebe Point Road, Glebe).

How did your upcoming exhibition at The Tate come about?
I was living down in Melbourne working in graphic design & was getting itchy feet, ready for the next challenge, I was dedicating a lot of my energy into my street art when I thought why am I spending all my time in a job I’m no longer passionate about. I remembered stumbling into the Tate on my last visit to Sydney so I contacted Chris and lucky enough he was keen for me to come up and have a show. I quit my job the next day and was up in Sydney two weeks later.

What’s the meaning behind the exhibition title,“Its All Yours”.
It’s a salute to the people who have helped shape the show and their generosity, lots of my mates have given me things to paint on and kept me company along the way, so the show is really for all of these influences and the inspiration that followed, it’s all theirs.

How would you describe your style?
Colourful, chaotic, bright, energetic.

Where does your inspiration come from?
Other artists are the biggest source, I am constantly hunting for that feeling of inspiration, when you see something that makes you stop exactly what you’re doing so you can scribble something down or pick up a brush a tin whatever it is and get the idea out. Nothing compares to that feeling. Books, blogs, instagram, magazines, videos any medium that puts me in touch with someone I admire and what they are creating. In addition to this music has to be playing and often an idea floats in on the back of a friend visiting the studio or a bunch of words someone says.

What’s your favourite piece from the body of work you have produced for this exhibition? Why?
The ‘Triptych for Keith’ is a series of three portraits of Keith Haring. I think you could look at these pieces as the climax of my experimentation over that last 3 months working in the studio. He has been an integral part of reigniting my creative energy so it feels good to symbolise him in three large works.

You have recently returned to Sydney after living in Melbourne for a couple of years. What brought about that change?
I went down to Melbourne for a change and to get lost in the art scene, I found what I was looking for and completely reconnected with my creativity and drive. It opened the world of street art to me as well, and that’s where this journey really begun, as a street artist pasting up with my mates. I returned exclusively for this opportunity to work out of a studio for 3 months and produce the work for this show.

I love the Takie pasteups and stickers I have seen on the streets of the Inner West. How would you compare the street art scene of Sydney and Melbourne?
Probably the biggest thing would be the value of it or the acceptance. Melbourne street art is rich, encouraged and so textured with such a variety of artists doing an incredible array of work. Street art is pretty well loved down there, I never had any trouble pasting or painting down there. Me and a couple of mates would easily paste up in the middle of fitzroy and collingwood without any hassle. The only slightly negative feedback we got was someone driving past shouting, “fucking street artists” which we thought was hugely funny. One of my mates Claude ended up making a paste up out of it. The Sydney scene has definitely changed a lot over the last 5 years since I last lived here which is very exciting. Its definitely competing with Melbourne pretty fiercely, I think the artists up here are doing just as interesting work, there is a lot of talent around, I’m only just getting reacquainted with the scene as well so I’m sure theres lots more to find.

How long have you been doing street art and how did you initially get started?
I was playing around with aerosol when I was about 17 with mates in Sydney but didn’t take it too seriously. When I was living in Melbourne I was surrounded by street art; meeting other artists, going to galleries, I started painting a little bit again. Then I realised this other side of the scene I never really considered before which was pasting. I liked the idea of being able to take more time in the preparation stage of the work and then the finishing, the actual placement in the street, was the quick part. My good mate The Doctor encouraged me to put something together and took me out on my first mish about a year ago, it all spiralled from there I guess.

Where did the name Takie come from?
Back when I was a moody teenager the idea of an alter ego really appealed to me, so I started signing my scribbles and ramblings with Takie. Its a jumble of my other name, the boring one haha.

If you could do a collaborative piece of street art with anyone of your choice … Who would it be? Why?
I would go to New York and do a collab with the Yok and Sheryo. I love their stuff and the work they create together is incredible, their murals are always fresh with new characters and ideas. The are constantly producing rad stuff, that would be the dream!

Who is your favourite street artist (local or international)?
There are honestly too many that I admire and who inspire me to single out just one.

Do you do commission work? Where can someone buy your work? How can someone contact you if they want an original Takie design?
I am open to anything right now, for the last 3 months my focus has been on this show, which is now 2 days away, and after that I’m free to see what other opportunities arise. All the work will be on sale on opening night and for 4 nights after so you should come check it out! A website will be my first port of call after this week so until then drop me an email or check me out on intstagram @takie_takie and

What’s next for Takie?
When I moved back for this show I said to myself I wouldn’t look beyond August 15th. But a few opportunities have risen their heads lately that I could not refuse. I will be having a skate deck in the Sidewayz Art exhibition which is going to be pretty fun, me and a few other artists are going to be painting a new shop in Surry Hills and in October I’ll be taking over the Small Space gallery in Collingwood in Melbourne for a month, so lots to look forward too

And finally…

Inner west questions
Best place for a caffeine hit in the Inner West?
My favorite cafe at the moment has to be Satellite in Newtown, I don’t drink coffee but I’m sure theirs is top notch!

What/where was the last great meal you ate in the Inner West?
Ohhh this is easy the banquet at vegetarian restaurant Nourishing Quarter is unbelievably delicious, I couldn’t stop talking about it. I could easily eat dinner there every night.

What’s the Inner West’s best kept secret?
Having a picnic and some drinks next to the water at Rozelle Bay at the bottom of Glebe Point Road is the perfect way to spend a Sunday.


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