Miss Mica Still – A Seduced Me

I find it impossible to walk past the Oh Really Gallery without peeking in, and the current exhibition by Miss Mica Still is no exception. Not only are the artworks amazing but the painted walls are absolutely fantastic.

American born but now living in Kiwi land, Miss Mica Still has brought her playful, sexual, exploratory, fun and naughty work to our Aussie shores and I love it. With artwork titles like “Enjoy Toys”, “Limber up before you eat”, Find your inner beast”, “Make sure your chair is sturdy”, and “Master your orgasms”, how can you resist just a little peek into this exhibition.

Inspired by animals and symbols from her dreams the “Adult Themes” paw print on the front window of the gallery gives everyone fair warning before entering. I need to get me some of these dreams!

The bears on the walls showcase the images of desire that Mica Still has created by layering drawing, paint and resin on wood. You need to get up close and personal to explore the layering of her work and the intimate imagery. Human faces and bodies are intertwined and obscured by that of bears, wolves and lions in some rather naughty and compromising positions.

“A Seduced Me” exhibition only runs til 5 September. Let’s hope we can entice Miss Mica Still to return to our shores again soon. If you can’t make it to the exhibition before it finishes take the time to check out her website – this chick rocks!

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