L Day/D Day Looms this Friday

If any of you have been wondering what has happened to me, I am still on track to get my Scooter licence, I just have to pass my knowledge test and work has been a bit busy lately. I have set aside Friday to go for the test, I haven’t studied but I am going to do what I did in my uni days and cram it all in tonight!

It can’t be hard, I have been driving a car for years so how different can it be. Just in case I fail though, I have a few weeks up my sleeve, 3 weeks in fact, I don’t want to have to go through that practical test and humiliation all over again, thank you very much.

Once I have my Ls I plan on going shopping for my new scooter/vespa, does anyone know of a reputable shop I should go to?

Then in a few months I am off to Italy to scoot around chasing the locals! ha ha! Watch out guys!

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