Kitchen Nightmares – Gordon Ramsay would be disgusted

The original kitchen in my “renovators delight” property was completely disgusting. Because we were on such a tight budget we considered keeping it (hard for even myself to believe seeing these photos again). My sister slaved for several days cleaning the grime and filth out of the cupboards, she even scored an eye infection for the awful experience. Needless to say she wasn’t too impressed when she came back the following weekend after all her hard work cleaning it to find that it had been ripped out. But if you check out the photos of the original kitchen – we were really kidding ourselves thinking that we could keep it…disgusting. (And yes, they are fruit mince tarts in the filthy oven that were left by the previous owner!)

So we ripped out the old kitchen, we tried our hand at gyprocking (never again) and then bought ourselves the cheapest possible kitchen to replace the old one. The only problem being that the cheapest possible kitchen was a flatpack kitchen and required us to install it ourselves. Please note that the “Beatles 4 ever! yeah yeah yeah!” was a treasure we found when we ripped the cupboards off the wall.

I do like a challenge, but I realised it wasn’t a fair challenge when I discovered that the only instructions I was going to get for assembling and installing this new flatpack kitchen were the ones given to me VERBALLY when the kitchen was delivered. I think the delivery guy took pity on my when he saw the “Oh my goodness…what have I got myself into”  look on my face, so he demonstrated the assembly of one cupboard and one drawer…but the rest was up to me.

Seriously, even Ikea furniture comes with written instructions in multiple languages and diagrams and the trusty allan key, not to mention the exact number of pieces that you will need. As soon as the delivery guy walked out the door I thought why on earth did I not pay the extra $1000 for installation – big mistake!

After an evening of assembling the cupboard frames, quite successfully I might add, I patted myself on the back and thought I had what is took to tackle the more complex drawer components. I wish I hadn’t. I thought I had done an amazing job until I saw 2 little pieces left over. I had no idea where they belonged. Fingers crossed they aren’t too important. So with the cupboards and drawers complete ALL I had to do was attach everything to the wall, put the doors on, get the plumber, electrician and tiler in to finish the job! Never again!

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