Is it Curtains for Scootergirl?

I’m conscious of alighting the Scooter and putting my helmut down on the ground (never put your helmut on the seat), just in case this might get me over the line, such is the fine line I am tight roping to pass.

If I took the name of the course literally - “Stay Upright” I would not have to worry about failing, I am proud  that I have managed to stay upright on a stationary and moving Scooter for 2 days!

As our instructor went off to write up our reports, I was tempted to offer a bribe, there was only 4 in the class, there would be nowhere to hide if I failed (I was tempted to keep my helmut on for embarrassment protection)!

Just before he announced the results he reiterated that he offered 1 on 1 classes, all the while looking directly and only at me, not a good sign at all.

Well watch out Inner Westies, Scootergirl has her “Stay Upright” Certificate! I’ve had it for a month now and it is sitting proudly on my wall at work, unfortunately I have forgotten the little I learnt and I now have to take the RTA’s knowledge test within 3 months to achieve my “L” plates.

And just to clarify, before you all start a “Keep Scootergirl off the road” campaign I promise that I will do more classes before I launch myself on the roads. Promise!

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