Interview with Street Artist: Skulk

I have long been a fan of the work of street artist Skulk and it’s always a pleasure finding his charaters around the Inner West. Most will recognise his current work next to the Crumpler store (photo above – middle) which is part of a constantly changing street art exhibition for all the pedestrians on King Street. Other all time favourites of mine include a collaborative wall at the back of Toruga Studios in St Peters and a great wall recently painted in Enmore with fellow street artist Birdhat. Big thanks to Skulk for taking the time to answer my many questions despite being super busy creating works for upcoming exhibtions. Thanks!

How long have you been doing street art and how did you initially get started?
I have been exploring the street as a platform for about 3 years now, on and off. I did my first big run in Sydney, with a friend and fellow artist, Birdhat, in Sydney, and from then the rush has become unquenchable.

Where did the name Skulk come from?
It developed from ‘Lurk’, a very early character. Skulk for me is about slinking around the street at night, keeping out of sight and exploring.

How would you describe your street art identity and style?
My ‘street-art identity’ is the same as my ‘studio-art identity’ or my ‘gallery-art identity’. I would describe my work on the street as a reflection of exploration, experimentation and reactionary process to that of a more ‘controlled’ and less public space, such as the studio. In terms of style I work mainly with character, pattern and object, with an illustrative line.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Thats always been very hard for me to pin-point. Ideas of ancient tribal cultures, ritual and the spirit are currently taking my interest.

How do you pick a location for a Skulk street art piece? Is it usually planned or spur of the moment?
I enjoy the reactionary process of the street, passing a space or surface that instantly strikes an image to mind or a way to understand that space. But with laws keeping artists on their toes, carrying a full bag of materials is often a court-worthy risk, so pre-planning can help. I rarely plan the image, just the location to return to.

If you could do a collaborative piece of street art with anyone of your choice … Who would it be? Why?
BLU, straight up….because he is a lord!

Do you usually work by yourself on the street or with other street artists?
I prefer another set of eyes, and the joy of street-collaboration, but solo painting always pushes me to take spots, climb higher or run a risk that two or more people couldn’t.

What is your favourite Skulk design that you have done on the street?
I enjoyed painting a wall in Enmore recently, it was during the day and next to a Children’s Centre. No police hassle and the kids had better questions than most of the parents!

Who is your favourite street artist (local or international)?
Hmmm, BLU, Nunca, OsGemeos, ROA are some overseas artists, and locally Slug/SugarShark, Bafcat, Birdhat, Terrible Horrible, Eels, Tiger, Twit and SMc3.

Where can someone buy your work?  Do you do commission work? How can someone contact you if they want an original Skulk design?
Check the Skulk facebook page for updates on exhibitions and events.
Otherwise email me for commissions, questions or just a hello –
Also this –

What can we expect to see from Skulk in the future?
Making work for a few shows, ‘Tell Me A Story’ at Tortuga Studios Aug 31st, designing a skateboard for the charity exhibition ‘Sidewayz’ at Global Gallery Aug 16th and a show called ‘Half’ in Melbourne at ‘No Vacancy’, opens Nov 13th.
Aside from shows I’m always seeking walls to paint!

And finally…

Inner west questions
Best place for a caffeine hit in the Inner West?
The Roastery (Chapel St)

What/where was the last great meal you ate in the Inner West?
A cheese toasty at my house in Marrickville.

What’s the Inner West’s best kept secret?
Skulk of course!


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