Interview with Street Artist: Fintan Magee

Fintan Magee recently moved to Sydney and has already left his mark in a BIG way. Brisbane’s loss is our gain. He’s painted walls around Sydney and the Inner West on a massive and mind blowing scale. Fintan has his first Sydney solo exhibition opening this Wednesday (27 March) at The Tate Gallery in Glebe which will undoubtedly draw a massive crowd. The Storm Water exhibition is open for ONE NIGHT ONLY. Don’t miss it! Big thanks to Fintan for taking the time to answer these question while preparing for his exhibition.

How long have you been doing street art and how did you initially get started?
I have been painting since a kid but I started graffiti 13 years ago. When I started I was mainly just bombing but I was 13 when I did my first piece. It was a 3-colour piece that said Evolve. I painted it along the train line in South Brisbane in the middle of the day, I was so stupid it was a miracle I wasn’t arrested. The piece was terrible.

How would you describe your street art identity and style?
Computer jelly rock

Where do you get your inspiration from?
A giant floating panda egg spoke to me in my dream and told me to become an artist.

How do you pick a location for a Fintan Magee street art piece? Is it usually planned ?or spur of the moment?
Having the work match the wall is important to me so I usually photoshop any designs onto a photo of the wall before I start painting.

If you could do a collaborative piece of street art with anyone of your choice … Who would it be? Why?
I am stoked to work with anyone as long as they are cool, easy to work with and the timing is right. But there are a definitely a few people that I would really like to work with, not just artists but, musicians, film makers, curators, the list goes on.

Do you usually work by yourself on the street or with other street artists?
I usually work alone, I prefer to work alone but its good to collaborate every now and then, just to get you out of your comfort zone.

What is your favourite Fintan Magee design that you have done on the street?
I don’t really stress on favourite’s each work is important to me.

Who is your favourite street artist (local or international)?
Kidult is the man, I don’t know my taste is too broad to narrow it down. I like a lot of artists.

Where can someone buy your work? Do you do commission work? How can ?someone contact you if they want an original Fintan Magee design?
If anyone wants work my website is hit contact and send me an email.

I am looking forward to your exhibition “Storm Water” at The Tate Gallery this week. What is your inspiration behind the work in the exhibition?
The work is my personal take on the looming apocalypse. I am from Brisbane, and as you know we have been hit by two-floods in the last few years. The weather has been crazy up there and the effects of climate change are weighing on my mind heavily. Anyone who saw my piece on the street ‘Brisbane Flood Refuge boat.’ Will see that the show is an extension of that work.

Storm Water Exhibition
Wednesday 27 March 2013
Opens at 6pm
The Tate @ The Toxteth
345 Glebe Point Road, Glebe



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  1. Flash says:

    what an awesome interview, nice

  2. I was in Newtown recently and saw a lot of your work,great art!

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