Interview with Street Artist: Bafcat

Living in the Inner West I have become very familiar with the great work of street artist Bafcat. His colourful wacky creations always stop me in my tracks and bring a smile to my face and I’ve loved watching his style develop on the street, both individually and in collaboration with others. I recently bought an awesome Bafcat drawing at the “Dirty Laundry” exhibition at The Tate Gallery in Glebe and I’m looking forward to checking out more of his artwork tonight at the Cardboard City Exhibition. Huge thanks to Bafcat for taking the time to answer my questions. I can’t wait to see more or his work appearing around the Inner West.

How long have you been doing street art and how did you initially get started?
I started practicing graffiti in high school, but I stopped and started for many years. I’ve been painting walls again for about four years now and it doesn’t look like I’ll be stopping ever again

Where did the name Bafcat come from?
The name Bafcat comes from the book Blood Meridian by Cormac Mcarthy, I just changed the spelling. I also picture a cat in a bath tub going crazy haha.

How would you describe your street art identity and style?
My style is character based art that is flat, colourful and playful it also has an immediate feel I like to think of it as natural mark making, my paintings work of my emotions at the time. My street identity I haven’t really thought about that I dont know what to say, I hope people think I’m some sort of super cat from another dimension.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Inspiration comes from Comics, Cartoons, Genre Films , documentaries and of course other artists. When I’m working in my studio I will always have a movie playing, scifi or horror and its gotta be old and b-grade, can’t watch new movies in the studio.

How do you pick a location for a BafCat street art piece? Is it usually planned or spur of the moment?
I usually know where I’m gunna paint, any wall will do. I don’t usually plan what I paint, I’ll have a rough idea but it will change as I paint.

If you could do a collaborative piece of street art with anyone of your choice … Who would it be? Why?
Mmmmm anyone ok I would choose David Choe, because he is David Choe.

I have been loving your collaborations around the Inner West with Jumbo. What is your favourite BafCat design that you have created on the street?
My favourite design I’ve done would actually be the wall I did with Jumbo in Redfern, its got a Bafcat head with Jumbo body. I’m not sure exactly where but its not hard to find.

Who is your favourite street artist (local or international)?
Don’t like this question – it’s hard!

Where can someone buy your work?  Do you do commission work? How can someone contact you if they want an original BafCat design?
Yes I do commission’s. I have a bigcartel page where people can buy stuff but its only new so I need to update it, the easiest way to contact me
for art or murals is through email. or through

What can we expect to see from BafCat in the future?
I’ve got a few group shows coming up with some amazing artists, also I will be putting on a solo show and group show for next year.
Hopefully have some bafcat tshirts printed, paint more walls and in-between that, work on a comic book.

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