Interview with artist & designer Luschia Porter

I first discovered the work of Luschia Porter at Mary’s Newtown. Her black and white illustration on the wall immediately grabbed my attention and I have been a fan of her work ever since (check out her instagram). Luschia has a beautiful illustrative style and also produces a range of design objects including resin vases and plant holders, tea towels, pillowcases, cushion covers and tote bags and the stunning ‘Linzi’ stool/side tables. Having already exhibited in several group exhibitions, I can’t wait for her upcoming solo show ‘Object Implications‘ at The Tate in Glebe on Wednesday 16 April, 6pm. See you there! Big thanks to Luschia for taking the time to answer these questions while preparing for her exhibition.

What kind or art/design/products do you create?How long have you been creating art and how did you initially get started?
A long time! My first memories of wanting to draw and drawing are easily linked to the detailed work of Graeme Base’s books as a kid (5-6 years old). The Sign of the Seahorse’s underwater scenes were incredible and I was always mimicking his seascape illustrations of coral, tropical fish, seaweed and bubbles. I was also into portraiture when I was pretty young. When I was about 7 years old I spent Saturdays drawing people’s portraits at the local Vincentia shops (Jervis Bay, where I’m originally from).

I work with image, shape and function, and I try to use my experiments with illustration to form shapes that create functional objects. I have an interest and disappointment in the disposable nature of common objects, such as fast food packaging. Some of my work has involved redefining found McDonald’s litter! Mostly though, I’m designing and manufacturing furniture and small resin objects (all made in Sydney), like planters and vases and I’m also using illustration to design textiles.

How would you describe your style?
Faceted, growing, pastel, geometric, minimalist but a bit complicated!

Are you interested in doing more street art?
Yep! I think it’s a great thing for a street to have!

Who is your favourite artist or designer (local or international)?
I’d have to say my favourite designer is actually a Norwegian Architect, Reiulf Ramstad. I’ve taken more than enough inspiration from his work over the past few years. It is remarkable and the projects his firm works on are always set in the most incredible parts of Norway. Just the scale and the intricacies of the work blows me away and makes me feel like striving to aim high.

I have seen your work at ‘The Projects’ Designer Markets at the Vic on The Park in Enmore. Do you sell you work in other locations?
Yes, my ‘Linzi’ stool/side table is available through Cafe Culture, who are based in Surry Hills, Melbourne and Brisbane. I am also selling some framed prints of my illustrations and resin pots and planters through the TMOD Treasures online store.

How can someone contact you if they want an original Luschia Porter design? Do you do commission work?
Yes I do,

Do you have creative outlets other than that your art and design work?
I do actually play the flute! Ron Burgundy style too, yes, and I played with The Babe Rainbow while they were touring Sydney last week! I also reallllly love snowboarding, and used to do that full time a few years ago.

What can we expect to see from Luschia Porter in the future?
Well, I’m having my first solo exhibition at The Tate, Glebe, on Wednesday, 16th April. It is called ‘Object Implications’ and I will be showing my latest large and small-scale Illustrations and experiments in Object and Furniture Design. The audience will be invited to take part in potting plants into my hand-made, polyhedral, resin objects too.

Best place for a caffeine hit in the Inner West?
Fleetwood Macchiato :-)

What/where was the last great meal you ate in the Inner West?
A Mary’s Burger at Mary’s!

What’s the Inner West’s best kept secret?
I guess its not a secret, but I really love just cruising the streets, especially when it’s a bit soggy, there’s a warmth and character to the inner west like no where else in Sydney.


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