Interview: Street Artist Liza

I’ve been a fan of the work of street artist Liza for ages. The very first Liza design that caught my attention was the woman above with the scary crutch, and I have since delighted in finding his hand drawn faces and collage creations scattered throughout the Inner West. I regularly post photos of street art on the “I Love The Inner West” facebook page and it was through facebook that I made contact with the artist and I was grateful that he agreed to an interview. Bigs thanks to Liza for taking the time to answers these questions and I look forward to making more discoveries of his work on the streets of the Inner West.

1. How long have you been doing street art? How did you initially get started? Did you study art at school?
I think I put up my first paste ups around 2008 or 2009? I’m pretty terrible with dates and it was a really sporadic thing at first, months and months in between. I think I started because I’d have trouble sleeping and would wonder round late at night, having set tasks like putting up my doodles made me feel like less of a wandering crazy person. Yes, I went to National Art School but I dropped out half way through second year because I like to finish what I start.

2. The majority of your work that I have seen around the Inner West, have been pasteups. Why did you select this medium?
I rummaged through bins and aquired a lot of free paper, this seemed like the most practicle solution at the time and spray cans smell really bad.

3. How would you describe your street art identity and style?
Lone street rat.

4. I originally thought your signature was “Anza” but have since discovered that it is actally “Liza”. Where did the name “Liza” come from?
It’s my name in Cyrillic.

5. Where do you get your inspiration from?
Completely by my surroundings at the time and the materials I find lying around the streets.

6. How do you pick a location for your street art? Is it usually planned or spur of the moment?
Generally I walk with a direction in mind. I’m always walking around looking at walls looking for spots.

7. Do you usually work by yourself on the street or with other street artists?
It depends, generally it’s spur of the moment and I’m by myself but it’s best to have a buddy to keep watch and company.

8. What is your favourite design/piece that you have done on the street?
I guess an early one I did in acrylic of some red monster thing I left on the Hub. It eneded up in the local newspaper in an article about how gross the Hub was and whether it should be knocked down.

9. Do you get inspiration from other Australian or International street artists? Who? Are there particular works you like?
There’s heaps of inspiration in the Inner West and most of Melbourne. My favourite street artists around these parts is Birdhat and Animal Farm. Their work is super inspiring to me.

10.  Do you do commission work? How can someone contact you if they want an original “Liza” design.
For sure! You can contact me by my email meister.trollech@gmail and check out more of my stuff at <plug>

*And finally… Inner west questions*
Best place for a caffeine hit in the Inner West?
I don’t think it actually has a name but 109 Marrickville Rd is where I’ve been going a lot.

What/where was the last great meal you ate in the Inner West?
Sakae Kitchen on Illawarra Rd is pretty good.

What’s the Inner West’s best kept secret?
Dumpsters of industrial Marrickville streets!

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