Inner Westies at Outpost Project on Cockatoo Island


My head almost exploded with excitement last Sunday morning as I hopped on the ferry headed to the Outpost Project on Cockatoo Island. The ferry ticket sets you back about $15 but it is worth every penny! My husband had to tell me to calm down as soon as I set foot on the Island because I took off like a chook with its head cut off, running around in a crazy manner trying to see everything all at once. He stood back and just watched me for a moment, laughing and then took control of the situation and said we were going to walk around like sane people and follow the map we were given to ensure we saw everything.

There are heaps of different ways to explore the Outpost Project but we started out by crossing the main yard checking out the Will Coles sculptures, the Anthony Lister inflatables, the teepee looking structure created by Beastman, Phibs and Numskull and the Ironlak bus, before being blown away by the piece created by Roa which dominated the side of a building.

Of course we had to check out the “Oi You!” Banksy collection and then saw the deserving winner of the Australian Stencil Art Prize. Lots of Inner Westies featured in the awesome Project Ugly body of work which was curated by Ears and you can’t help but be impressed by the Vexta design that spans the entire wall of a huge warehouse. Inside the amazing buildings on Cockatoo Island you can also see the Next T-shirt graphics exhibition curated by Eddie Zammit, MAY”S: The May Lane Street Art Project, make a purchase at the pop-up Westsyde store and check out the full size replica of Kid Zoom‘s childhood home.

The Paste Modernism 3 Exhibition curated by Ben Frost is one of the reasons why I will absolutley have to go back to the Island again before the festival finishes. Over 300 square meters of wall space is covered with the pasted artworks of over 100 local and international artists. There is so much to see in this section alone and so many layers of stencils, that it quite literally hurt my head to take it all in. Looking back at my photos there are images I didn’t even realise I took photos of. It is an amazing space!

The Outpost Project is continually changing and evolving. I saw several artist working on pieces while I was there last Sunday and this gives me a perfect excuse to go back to see what changes have occurred. I learnt a new term (cuprocking) and I love the areas where the public and kids are encourage to participate and interact with the environment. It was also a lot of fun trying to spot all the Will Coles scupltures that are scattered over the island.

It is too difficult to pick my favourite piece from the Outpost Project, although the massive Beastman design on the huge Turbine Hall door did leave a lasting impression. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy some amazing street art on stunning Cockatoo Island. The Outpost Projects runs until December 11.

Cockatoo Island – Outside Spaces

Project Ugly

Pastemodernism 3

May Lane Exhibition

Outpost Exhibtions

Outpost Opening Hours
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Monday – Thursdays: 10am – 5pm
Fridays: 10am – 8pm
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  1. jk says:

    Did you miss the massive Slug piece!?

  2. nadine says:

    Yeh – I only saw photos of it! I was trying to get back to Cockatoo Island before Outpost finished but I couldn’t make it :(

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