Ikea Tempe is getting closer to opening their doors

Recently I set up a home office and I had to make the trek/expedition out to Rhodes Ikea. Seriously that place is a nightmare to get to. I thought I was being smart by leaving work early and going on Friday afternoon, there was no way I was going to deal with a weekend crowd at Ikea. My plan was really good in theory until I hit the traffic at 3pm Friday afternoon on Parramatta Rd, what a shocker.

Anyway, I persevered and was pleasantly rewarded with an empty Ikea when I finally got there! My sister and I love a good shop at Ikea, and we shopped and shopped. 3.5hrs later we were finally loading our supplies onto 2 trolleys, leaving half the things we wanted behind as we just couldn’t fit them in the car.

It was then that we realised we hadn’t made a note of where we had parked so we spent the next 30mins back and forth, up and down the lifts to try and find the car.

So much for making it in the 3hr free parking time frame!

When I got home I tried to log onto the Ikea website and order delivery for the items I had to sadly leave on the shelves. Did you know that you can’t order online! You have to buy it and then go to another counter and then organise delivery.

As I drive by the Ikea Tempe site, which is quickly taking shape and is expected to open in October,  I wish that it was already open so I wouldn’t have to go back to Rhodes. Serious planning has to go into a trek to Rhodes Ikea, you have to factor the weekend crowd, the yum cha crowd, the school holiday crowd, which car to take, is the trailer needed and then there is the traffic issue just getting there. I am going to save so much time when Tempe opens!

But I’m also wondering if my daily commute on this section on the Princes Highway is going to become a nightmare with all the Ikea obsessed traffic this site is going to create? I don’t know if this part of the city has roads that can handle an Ikea, let alone an Ikea this big.

I could be cursing this site very soon!

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2 Responses to " Ikea Tempe is getting closer to opening their doors "

  1. Diane Emans says:

    New signage of a large red heart with welcoming arms announces that Ikea Tempe will be opening soon. It surely can be seen from outer space.

  2. David says:

    IKEA are a disgrace. They rip people off (by misrepresentation or otherwise), and also provide consistently woeful customer service.

    Not to mention their prior profiteering off Stasi political prisoners: http://www.smh.com.au/world/ikea-used-political-prisoners-as-slave-labour-20110906-1jw0f.html

    I call on everyone to boycott shopping from IKEA, and particularly avoid the IKEA Tempe store.

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