I am over rsvp!

Ok so I have been trying to be open minded and positive about online dating but I have to vent now. I am over it. I have been been madly emailing, “chatting”, texting and dating for a few months now and what have I got to show for it? Nothing, zip, zero! This is just hard work.

I have not met anyone even remotely close to being someone I would like to even hang out with. And what is it with people posting photos of themselves from 10 years ago so when you meet up with them you don’t even recognise them? Most of the guys I have met are so precious and boring no wonder they are single. Harsh but true.

What I have learnt so far:

  • Don’t do dinner on the first meet – learnt this the hard way when the guy ordered entree, main and dessert, 3 hrs of torture later, oh and did I mention we had to have pre-dinner drinks?
  • Coffee dates are great, especially during the week when you can use work as an excuse to leave quick!
  • Go with your initial instincts and be brutal if he sounds like a loser on email, he is probably even worse in real life, life is too short!
  • Don’t take anything personally, this is online dating! If he mixes you up with someone else he has been chatting with just give him the flick as he obviously is not smart enough to take notes!

What is an easy going, independent girl suppose to do?


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40 Responses to " I am over rsvp! "

  1. JiMBOB says:

    Oh dear…

  2. scootergirl says:

    when are you starting your website JiMBOB

  3. JiMBOB says:

    Hhhmmm it’s more of a hobby at the moment, I’m all work work work which doesn’t even leave me any time for website building let a lone dating!!!

  4. scootergirl says:

    I know the feeling, I have my own business and I didn’t realise that I would have to work so hard to make money and find a boyfriend!

  5. scootergirl says:

    actually it is easier to run a business than find a man!

  6. Kate says:

    mmm, this is not very positive news for me who has only been on rsvp for a few weeks. But I have taken note of all points given and I’m sure I will be willing to add significantly to this list very soon!

  7. JiMBOB says:

    You know what Scootergirl, I think you may have to be more innovative…

    Why don’t you run a competition on innerwestlifestyle where you can win a date with Scootergirl – to enter include a photo and a short description of your perfect date… You get to choose the winner and perhaps a few runner ups ;) and the guys entering are like minded inner westinites!

    Just a thought!

  8. nadine says:

    What a great idea JiMBOB – better get cracking organising that Scooter girl

  9. scootergirl says:

    JiMBOB,is this a dare? I think I might be up for this!

  10. JiMBOB says:

    So double dare…

  11. scootergirl says:

    i love a double dare!

  12. Rachael says:

    Jimbob, if you want to date Scootergirl, you should just ask!

  13. Michael says:

    Scooter Girl and JiMBOB sound like an Innerwest perfect match. Scooter Girl needs to be strong, independent woman she claims to be and should ask JiMBOB for a date.

  14. nadine says:

    It appears to be a Mexican standoff…

  15. JiMBOB says:

    IS that a dare??? I could be hideous…

  16. nadine says:

    C’mon…someone make a move – this is killing me! Although, I am also loving the drama…who knew a blog could give me so much entertainment!

  17. scootergirl says:

    JiMBOB doesn’t sound hideous!

  18. JiMBOB says:

    I used to be pretty but now I’m ruggedly handsome…

  19. scootergirl says:

    that is scootergirls favourite sort of handsome, rugged! Rugged doesn’t exist on rsvp, only himbo handsome or completely let themselves go kind of handsome.

  20. JiMBOB says:

    I’ve been giving this a lot of thought and have come to the conclusion that stranger things have happened to me than going on a blind date with someone from the internets… nothing ventured nothing gained right?

    So how about it Scootergirl? For the purposes of entertaining the readers of Inner West Lifestyle lets give them something to read about…

  21. nadine says:

    Woohooo!!!!!!! This is going to be awesome!!!!!!Thanks for thinking about the interests of the Inner West Lifetyle readers JiMBOB!

  22. Scootergirl says:

    Hi JiMBOB, let’s do it, worst case scenario we can entertain readers and you can be a guest bloggger on innerwestlifestyle and tell them what a shocker scootergirl is!

  23. JiMBOB says:

    Ok we are on…

    Do we organise this right here?

    How’s Friday for you, a beverage somewhere Newtown way? You choose somewhere where you feel comfortable and I’ll be there… I’m happy with a good dirty gin martini or a cold cold tap beer.

    Back up escape plans allowed in case you are a schocker and I am hideous ;)

    Ha, I can’t believe I am doing this…

  24. scootergirl says:

    oh my gosh are we really doing this? Ok do you want me to send you my photo offline so you can say no way beforehand? Newtown sounds great, back up plans are totally acceptable too. Ok well I will ask the website guy if he can give me your email address somehow and we can take this offline! oh my gosh!

  25. JiMBOB says:

    Maybe we should go completely blind… What say you internets people? Prephoto or no photo?

  26. scootergirl says:

    Ok I am up for that! But i need a clue or how are we ever going to find each other in a pub?

  27. scootergirl says:

    oh my gosh we are talking a blind, online date!

  28. JiMBOB says:

    I think you will have no trouble finding me, I look like a Jimbob and I have a rather handsome moustache… Maybe to be sure I should take a bunch of flowers…

    So where are we going?

  29. nadine says:

    I go offline for a couple of hours and look what I miss out on… I am going to have to stay glued to this computer until this plays out. Forget about leaving the house to go to work – this is way more important! Loving the blind, blind internet date by the way – awesome! A moustache… never would have picked that for you JiMBOB… and flowers… I like you so much already! You kids have a great night on Friday.

  30. scootergirl says:

    You choose JiMBOB, I have no idea what a JiMBOB looks like! oh my goodness, this is crazy. See you Friday! I am going to email you offline so we don’t have all the followers of innerwestlifestyle turning up at the designated meet spot to sticky beak!

  31. Nadine says:

    OFFLINE!!! Scootergirl, where is the fun in that? ha ha… Have fun

  32. scootergirl says:

    I have sent you an email JiMBOB, I am offline today but if you are still game, see you tomorrow night somewhere!

  33. JiMBOB says:

    email received and replied SG!

  34. JiMBOB says:

    Cab is a no show hang on scootergirl I’m on my way!

  35. nadine says:

    JiMBOB – you weren’t late were you… don’t disappoint me!

  36. Scootergirl says:

    Oh my gosh,just call me Bridget Jones, wait till I tell everyone what I did! Stand by for the ultimate Bridget Jones moment!

  37. JiMBOB says:

    I won’t tell if you don’t… x

  38. scootergirl says:

    Don’t worry, it’s not as if this is my first Bridget Jones moment, it has just been a while. No wonder I am single!

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