How much longer do we have to put up with this Labor Government?

You think Gaddafi is bad, check out what the Labor Government of NSW just did.

The Barangaroo development on Sydney harbour is being constructed over a contaminated site which needs to be very carefully managed and supervised in order to prevent contaminated groundwater from spilling into Sydney Habour.

Two days ago the Planning Minister created legislation which in summary makes Barrangaroo the only project in NSW exempt from planning laws on contamination! What a joke! ASD (Australians For Sustainable Development), an alliance of residents, community groups and the National Trust, began proceedings in November 2010, seeking an injunction to prevent works on the car park of Barrangaroo and the northern headland, parts of which are badly polluted from an old gasworks.

Ian Campbell, who heads the Barangaroo Action Group, said the legal action was brought as there was no overall plan for controlling contamination and there were concerns excavation would crack r

ocks underground and allow polluted groundwater to flow into the harbour. Mr Campbell has called on the Opposition Leader, Barry O’Farrell, to consider asking the governor to dismiss the Labor government on grounds of its “gross abuse of their position – they are not respecting the judiciary.”

Additionally the Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, condemned the Planning Ministers’ order as ”an abuse of power in his final days” and said a new government ”must urgently review decisions relating to this development”. Lets hope that the people of NSW make the right decision when they vote, and the words of Clover Moore, “in his final days”, become reality. It’s time for change, and in a big way!


Meet our guest blogger, Grant Emans, who has a little bit of an eco fetish (no judging please). He is a builder and owns Composition Contruction. He specialises in Designer Eco Homes both in Sydney and on the South Coast. To check out more of Grant’s blogs on all things building and eco related go to his Eco Blog or the I Love Being Green facebook page. Please feel free to leave a comment and share your opinion about this issue, which has been getting a lot of press in the inner west.

Guest blogger Grant Emans

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1 Response to " How much longer do we have to put up with this Labor Government? "

  1. Serge says:

    I have been living in Sydney for the last eight years and what I remember most in terms of government action is that they changed their mind so often in regards to infrastructure improvements for Sydney that I hardly cope to follow them up.
    Public works such as the metro line between Parramatta and Sydney CBD or the metro line to the west of Sydney or the west tunnel to join the city and the M4 or the train schedule to avoid the shame of seldom be on time or the long awaited light train extension to Dulwich Hill are a few I can mention from the top of my head.
    And to the ones that have been finished had such a controversy on them.
    For example, I felt so unhappy when I found out that the government spent so much money (my tax money) to build a train line between Chastwood and Epping with and uphill so steep that only certain trains can go up on the tunnel that will reduce the amount of trains that can service that line. I would have assumed that would have been part of the initial analysis of the project, and not something to find out after the fact of the project finished.
    Worst of all, that feeling came once and again each time a PM was politically beheaded and replaced, that I had the sensation that the party in government was more concern of their own business (or whoever business they were on) rather than working for the people of NSW.
    Unfortunately, the other big political party does not give me much confidence to be any different.
    Having lived for more than a decade in South America, I know what big political parties can do when they are drunk with power. I can see a similarity to that situation in NSW and I am concern that we, the people from NSW, have slowly opted not to or been restricted to participate on issues that will affect our quality of living and in a way our own future.
    So for the next election, I would rather give the chance to make a difference with my vote to an independent or someone not from one of the big parties as I believe it is time for a change in power, it is time to bring it back to the people.

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