Graffiti Heaven – Dunlop Slazenger Factory

I have been so excited about visiting the abandoned Dunlop Slazenger Factory in Alexandria since first hearing about it a couple of months ago. Unfortunately my ‘Sensible Sally’ husband banned me from going by myself. Kill buzz. So I dragged both hubby and sister along to explore the factory a couple of weekends ago. But entry to the factory proved to be a little more difficult than anticipated. As luck would have it I wasn’t the only one trying to get into the site. A film crew was also trying to get in with all their filming equipment and the tall front fence which was securely locked wasn’t an option.

We found another entry point on the side of the factory which involved a not so lady-like climb over a wall and down a makeshift ladder. Picture Bridget Jones meets rock climbing. Not surprisingly my sister and hubby refused to follow, their loss, because inside was awesome!

I think my husband wished he had overcome his fear of heights to get in when he saw two lingerie models on a photo shoot walked past the open window on the second floor. The factory is huge and spans two massive levels. Layers of grafitti on every wall and surface. Great graffiti works by Beastman, Numskull, Meggs, Phibs, The Yok, Slug and Animal Farm, just to name a few.

Slazenger tennis rackets that have seen better days and spray cans litter the floor and when I walked up to the second level I felt like I had entered a disco with a massive glitter ball on the ceiling. The holes in the tin roof create a beautiful pattern when the light filters through. I could have spent the whole day exploring the factory but I could hear my husbands hungry belly rumbling from outside – lunch was calling.

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8 Responses to " Graffiti Heaven – Dunlop Slazenger Factory "

  1. Cassie says:

    What street is this on? I’d like to go there, it looks like fun =)

  2. nadine says:

    Hi Cassie – It is in Bowden Street, Alexandria (be careful)

  3. stef says:

    hi, i’m thinking of going in January, but you said it was really hard to get into? also i heard it was being demolished, so do you know if it will still be there?

  4. Stuart says:

    Hi, You photography is exceptional, thinking of doing music video at this location. Do you know who may be the contacts re permission to enter building?

  5. nadine says:

    Hi Stuart, It is an abandoned building so I am not sure if there is anyone to contact. There were 2 films crews in there went I took my photos – and they had just climbed in like me.

  6. nadine says:

    Sorry Stef, I haven’t been back since so I am not sure it is still there?

  7. Whoever is in charge of the site periodically re-secures it and very soon someone opens it up again. In half a dozen visits I have only found it hard to get into once. The last time I was there was a week ago and a small door had been forced open.

    Flickr has hundreds of shots from DSF, some going back a long time. Mine are at

  8. Raf says:

    Went in about a week ago. everything is looking good, except for council on site, taking photos. i believe this rare gem of SYD may be knocked down soon

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