Glebe Tram Sheds

Ever since I had seen a couple of photos of the Glebe Tram Sheds online, I have been desperate to get inside to check out some of the graffiti. I was just a little worried about two things; whether or not I would be able to get in and of course, safety once inside.

So I popped around on a Saturday afternoon to suss out the situation and luck was on my side because the tram sheds were open as a movie was being filmed inside. I had anticipated it being a bit scary exploring an abandoned building but as it turned out there were heaps of people in the sheds taking photos and taking advantage of the fact that the sheds were open. It was like Pitt Street.

I apologise for so many photos – I just couldn’t control myself. There was something interesting on every wall!

An elderly man raced past me as I entered the sheds (with his bike helmet still on), camera in hand, saying what a treat it was that the sheds were open and explaining that he caught these trams to school when he was a kid. He was so excited.

I met Frank, playing “Frank” in the movie being filmed. He had been on site all day shooting scenes decked out in bloody makeup. I couldn’t resist asking to take his photo and he more than happily posed in front of his favourite piece of graffiti. Thanks Frank!

I spent the afternoon wandering through the sheds amidst bloody actors and masked bandits. A guy approached and told me not to be alarmed if I heard gunfire, he assured me it was all part of the film. The stories these tram sheds must hold behind the layers of graffiti.

If you get the opportunity, check it out! There is something interesting on every wall and it is a really amazing space. But take care… it is an old structure and there are some potential hazards as you walk around.

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