Ending an unsatisfactory online relationship

As you all know I didn’t get anything out of rsvp, and on the weekend I hit a miserable low point in my life. Why am I so fussy, surely out of the all the eligible bachelors on rsvp, between the himbos, fitness fanatics, travel to a new destination every week bachelors I could have met someone that was vaguely suitable.

My friends want me to continue with rsvp and I want to give it the flick. Seriously I don’t have the time for the chatter, emailing, texting and time waster dates where you know instantly that it is not going to work.

What has annoyed me more than anything has been the guys that post photos of themselves from 10 years ago. Surely they must realise that this will only lead to a big let down when you finally meet the girl you have been chatting to? I don’t know if girls do this as well but this is pathetic, a sham! If you have no hair I need to know before I decide to meet you as I need something to go by when I am waiting in the coffee shop, accosting all the cute guys that walk in thinking you are them!  And I know I am not perfect by any means but my photo is how I look now. I am not looking for Mr Perfect either!

My friends want me to continue with this charade only because I have so many hideous stories to tell and their lives have never been so exciting as now, listening to my stories of ferrets, deviats, swingers and the most boring individuals on the planet. I mean most of these guys don’t even want to talk to me, they would rather talk about themselves all night long. For example, last “meet and greet”  I had to listen to him talk about all the countries he has travelled to, while I sat with my internal voice like a kindergarten kid jumping up and down saying pick me, pick me! I just wanted to contribute to the conversation, to tell him I had lived in that country for a few years and spoke the language as I thought he might find that interesting.

If one more friend tells me their sister, brother, niece, or dad found their life partner on rsvp I think I will scream! What is so wrong with me, I really don’t think I am being fussy?

And if I have to read one more rsvp profile about a guy who jumps out of bed every morning at 4am to run 30kms before coming home to eat an antioxidant laden breakfast followed by green tea and then a 90 min yoga session I will scream. It makes me want to go out and get really drunk and wake up  and have reheated pizza leftovers for breakfast. Seriously there can’t be that many health freaks in Sydney!

I have 3 coupons left, does anyone want them?

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3 Responses to " Ending an unsatisfactory online relationship "

  1. Rachael says:

    Chin up Scootergirl! Your last paragraph was hilarious!

    I tried RSVP for a few weeks after a nasty break up (it seemed the easier way to ease back into things)

    As a 20 something year old I had to trawl through profiles of shirtless gym junkies & dudes that loved

    “Hanging with the boys”

  2. scootergirl says:

    Thanks Rachael, it seems an epidemic, lots of losers and no good guys? In all age brackets, when did it get so difficult!

  3. Robyn Barber says:

    Go Danceing, St Stephans Church Hall Monday nights You will meet lots of people. Some of them Men. Or Try St Lukes 11 Stanmore Rd Thursday nights @7 Regards Robyn

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