Confessions of a Scootergirl

I know I have been quiet lately but really I have had nothing to report, my love life is still dead in the water and to make matters worse I know it is not going to get any better any time soon. My current excuse would be that all I am doing right now is work, work and more work.

So I have resigned myself to spinsterhood and booked another overseas holiday to Italy where at least I will get my bum pinched by random gorgeous Italian men!

But there is something that I have been meaning to confess. I have been feeling very guilty about it and I need to get it off my chest. It’s to do with my Scootergirl tag, technically I am a Scootergirl but maybe not the kind of Scootergirl you were thinking (no I am not grandma on a motorised scooter going up the shops to get her daily prescriptions filled – although when I am older I want one of those too). It all comes down to the definition of a Scooter really. My current Scooter is of the manual kind, ie think kid’s Scooter, a Razor, for example, but for an adult. I’m sorry but I love it, I get the funniest looks even in the Inner West but I think my mode of transport is pretty cool and it is good excercise.

But I have been feeling like a fraudster and I have been working my way up to the real Scooter, ie the Vespa so I can be a real Scootergirl.

Well I have finally done it, I have booked the driving course to get my Scooter licence. I was super keen when I booked in to the 2 day course, I even had my outfit worked out. Those tight jeans I bought in Italy that only fit the day I bought them (and only with assistance from my friend to get into them). Yes I had planned to go on a diet and lose 10 kilos before the course. I had visions of me – super hot chic on Vespa bike – think an Italian version of Elle McPherson (only younger please!)  I had even starting to research my Scooter or Vespa purchase.

And then I woke up in the middle of the night last night and thought “OMG I hate motorcycles!” Hyperventilating I thought “Oh surely a Vespa is a little more tame, like riding a horse?” (I’m terrified of horses and horse riding.)

So now I am in serious panic mode, I am 5 weeks out from losing all my front teeth as I go over the handle bars of my Scooter/Vespa, I have no idea what I am wearing and I haven’t lost those extra kilos. The vision I had of myself is fast disappearing.

Tomorrow I am going to look at a Vespa that is for sale, I am hoping it will make me feel a bit more comfortable with the whole experience.

In the meantime I have roped 2 friends into doing the course.

I can’t wait to go shopping for my Vespa or Scooter, if I could just skip past the driving course?

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