A real, real estate biatch!

Imagine this, you are trying to find a rental property in the Inner West which is hotter than hot right now. Either the property gets snapped up before the open house or you are competing with 30 or so other groups of potential renters. On Saturdays you run from one open house to the next, and if like last Saturday, in temperatures that are more suitable for being at the beach.

So its Friday afternoon and you are staring down the barrel of another wasted Saturday, turning up to properties that have “Leased” (too slow!) stickers on the signs, instead of having brunch with your friends, a dip in the ocean etc.

You decide to be proactive and ring the agents to check if the open houses advertised on domain.com.au and real estate.com.au are still going ahead. One by one you ring the agents who tell you “Sorry, we have leased that one.” like a broken record.

Finally you get to the last possibility and the agent haughtily says “Can’t you read?”, taken aback you say, “Sorry?” and she says again “I said, can’t you read?”

Seething but still reeling from the rudeness of this property manager, you say “Yes I can read and just so you know I have rung several other agents this afternoon who are still advertising opens even though they are not going ahead.”

“Oh” is all she can say.

As you terminate the call all you can think is “What a bitch!”

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